Company News

2024/03/01 Lintacs again in lead of TDL for JPOW 25.

For the fith time in row Lintacs will lead the TDL community through Europe biggest IAMD exercise. We are proud to announce, that we won the contest for JPOW 25. For us it's a proof, that our work, our dedication and our knowledge is well recognized in the GBAD community. We will perform with the samme engagement as all the years before. With innovation and sparkling ideas JPOW 25 we will lead to a success again.

01.02.2024 Happy Birthday Lintacs

Happy Birthday Lintacs. We are proud serving the German Airforce and all NATO nations with supreme service for 10 years. For more than 10 years now, Lintacs has been a reliable partner to the German Airforce, the Royal Dutch Army and the JPOW Project, to deliver all neccessary support for their exercise. LINTACS will now contribute with deep knowledge in the IRIS-T program in cooperation with DIEHL GMBH.

06. March 2023 JPOW 2023

From today on until the 29th of March the bigest IAMD Exercise of Europe will take place at the LTG Best Barracks in Vredepeel (NLD). Lintacs again will be in lead of the Joint Interface Control Cell (JICC). Where every edition of JPOW has it's own challenges, we at this time have to find workarounds due to Real World Operations of our partners. But as about 10 years ago we will manage it.

February 2022 Link16 Workshop at MBDA

Lintacs GmbH held a 2-day Link16/JREAP-C workshop at MBDA in Freinhausen (DEU). The workshop showed a great success to introduce tactical needs to the engineering community of the company. The aim of mutual understanding between engineering and operations was achieved in an outstanding manner.

December 2021.TDL in JPOW 2023. LINTACS is leading again.

We proudly announce, that LINTACS GmbH takes the lead for TDL in this edition of the JPOW exercise series. After 2017, 2019, 2021 also in 2023 LINTACS GmbH will be No.1 in Interoperability testing and analysis for this major exercise. The German Air Force awarded another contract. In this challenging COVID 19 times LINTACS proofed its capabilities extremely well in the performance of JPOW 2021. As the COVID 19 situation is ongoing we will adapt our concept for the support of JPOW 2023. We are looking forward to another challenging exercise.

January 2020 - Lintacs first choice again

For the third time in a row, LINTACS GMBH is the first choice of the German Air Force for interoperability at JPOW 2021.
After an extremely successful assignment at JPOW 19, we can proudly announce that our convincing performance has led to further engagement in this series of exercises.
In 2020/2021 we will support the German-Dutch exercise JPOW 2021, which has developed into the NATO event in the area of ​​IAMD, in the area of ​​tactical data links and interoperability.
We look forward to another challenge as part of this exercise series.

February 2019 "Happy Birthday LINTACS"

Let's celebrate 5 years of successful Datalink services. We would like to thank all our national and international customers and partners for 5 years of mutual work to enhance Datalink interoperability. Heading for the next five years with great ideas in Datalink testing and analyzing.

November 2017 LINTACS GmbH is First Choice on Interoperability for JPOW 19

After finishing analysis of a sucessful three year engagement in JPOW 17, LINTACS GmbH is proud to announce, that the company was the first choice on support for Tactical Datalinks for the upcoming event JPOW 19. The contract was awarded for the time period of 2018 and 2019. We are looking forward on another challenging event in Interoperability and Concept Development & Experimentation in the field of NATO’s IAMD.

February 2017 LINTACS and Atheniem entered into a strategic cooperation

Lintacs GmbH are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Atheniem Ltd. Atheniem is a UK based independent consultancy and training organisation with an extensive knowledge of Tactical Data Links and C2 Systems. The use of shared operational Tactical Data Link knowledge will allow both companies to enhance the expertise that they already provide to their wide client portfolio.

LINTACS will support DEU Air Force for JPOW 17

We are happy to announce, that LINTACS has been contracted to support the exercise series JPOW 17, which is multinational exercise but hosted by The Netherlands and Germany. Until the end of JPOW 17, LINTACS will work side by side with the German Air Force Force Command and our Dutch partners in preparation, execution and evaluation. We are looking forward to thrilling and successful months.

07.08. 2015 IDLS 2015

LINTACS will attend the IDLS 2015 in Ottawa. This unique meeting, where everyone and everything in modern TDL will meet, also gives LINTACS the opportunity to show our capabilities in the modern TDL world. We are happy to meet you in Ottawa to discuss all the uprising problems of modern TDLs.

01.02.2015 Happy Anniversary

After finishing the first year of successful TDL Business, LINTACS GmbH wants to thank everybody of our supporters. We promise to keep up our efforts to improve and satisfy all our customer needs.

24.11.2014 - Link16 Workshop MBDA

From November 24th to November 27th Lintacs conducted a Link16 workshop in support of MBDA Germany at their Test and Reference Equipment in Freinhausen. This workshop was meant to deepen the knowledge of Link 16 as well as to introduce the JREAP-C and SIMPLE to the participants. The workshop was rated very informative and well balanced.

25.10.2014 - IDLS Berlin

LINTACS GmbH proudly announces their appearance at the IDLS in BERLIN from November 2nd to November 4th at the Andel's hotel. We will be in support of the German Air Force in presenting their Datalinkanalysis and -validation tool and explaining the German approach on Datalinktesting and system validation.

02.04.2014 - LINTACS briefed at 17. NTDLS 2014

LINTACS GmbH was invited to give a briefing on "Operational Testing" at the 17th NTDLS in Calpe (Spain).

LINTACS used the opportunity to deliver their point of view on "Operational Testing" and to clarify the requirements for real interoperability. The briefing has been received from all sides as very informative and agreeable.

01.02.2014 - Founding of LINTACS GmbH

After many years of work in the department of TDL for the German Luftwaffe LINTACS GmbH is offering its services to the private market.

Our goal is to supply our experience of 35 years to our clients. We are capable to offer our products and services on a high quality level for a reasonable price. Out clients have got the unique opportunity to obtain detailed knowledge in the field of Tactical Datalinks paired with more than 35 years of operational expertise in the region of air defense. This mixture guarantees a high-class end product.